Friday, February 24, 2006

Episode Twentythree Of A Pixelriffic Podcast

Vegas now supports encoding directly to AAC/h.264. Some thoughts on choosing editing software.

Jashaka - Open source video editing sofware

The Gimp - An open source alternative to photoshop

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Blogger two40 said...

Hi Joe

Another great show, but what was with the music in the background? I could hear it all throughout the show.

I think I might try out After Effects after hearing you talk it up so much. I looked into it on the Adobe site and found that they have recently released a suite of their video editing related software called Production Studio. Looks great but I bet very expensive as well. Your listeners can check it out here They also have demos of their products so everyone can check it out before they spend a lot of cash on them.

I'm a gamer so my machine is set up with decent memory and an ATI 9800Pro video card. I'm getting into video editing with lots of enthusiasm and was considering purchasing a video card specifically for this purpose but I'm at a loss in this department. What are the differences between the normal video cards and those built for video editing and will my games, along with the movies and other multimedia I watch, suffer on those cards? Right now I'm using Premier Pro 1.5 and plan to move to 2.0 as soon as I can afford it. Is there any card you could recommend for me and why should I purchase one? It's all a bit confusing really and I don't understand why they would be better than say my current video card.

Sydney, Australia

8:22 PM  
Blogger Bruce Himmelblau said...

Link to steering wheel version

1:06 PM  
Blogger Pixelriffic said...

Hi George

Unfortunately, there was a problem when I did the output to the mp3 that I didn't notice until later. Seems a track was not quite muted.

I might just do an episode on video cards. In short, an ATI 9800 is just fine for video editing. In fact, any more card will likely make little difference.

The exception here is that more recently, video apps are actually beginning to use the 3d functions of video cards. After Effects for example uses the OpenGL operations to accelerate 3d preview and render.

Most NLE apps themselves use only the 2d functions, and the 9800 will be more than enough in this case. Check the system requirements for any compositing or editing app you're considering.

9:14 AM  

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